50-minute Best Morning Yoga To Release Tight Muscles & Build Energy | 30 Days Of Yoga

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This is class 1 of Recharged & Vibrant Yoga & Meditation Series . I'm sharing this class with you FREE & if you enjoy it & want to try the full program start with your 7 Day Free Trial at http://gayatri.yoga .

Weekly energizing full body flows, myofascial release practices & meditations will get you fully renewed & recharged in 30 days!

This is a perfect full body morning flow that will help you awaken every muscle & mobilize every joint. We slowly connect to our breath & movement exploring how our back line feels after sleeping, exploring twisting & wavelike movements in downward dog - plank transitions to mobilize & awaken spine for better energy flow. We dont have any chaturangas in this class & there is only some wrist impact in planks & table top positions.

We continue with a fun but a bit a tricky standing sequence to activate legs, train balance & stability while we add on arm movement. We stretch hamstrings, quads, lateral line, inner thighs, groin, back & front line muscles & melt into pigeon stretches in the end of the practice.

We finish the class with more spine mobility moves & close in a seated position.

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